S. Standard Toric

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Dynamic Stabilized geometry (No prism ballast): It combines different methods of stabilization without prism ballast and front and back toric
Three different diameters and five different base curves
Delivery within 15 days

Excellent choice for myopic and hypermetropic astigmatism
Extraordinary comfort and easy handling
Improved visual acuity
First choice lens

Essential for ordering an Opulens Τoric 42C lens :  

Spectacles prescription
Corneal readings
Vertex Distance 

  • Material: Hioxifilcon B
  • Water Content: 49%
  • Geometry: Dynamic stabilised (no prism ballast)
  • Diameter: 14.5mm (ειδική παραγγελία 13,00mm έως 15.00mm ανά 0,50)
  • Base Curve: 7.80mm έως 9.40mm ανά 10
  • Power: Plano έως +/- 20.00dpt
  • Cylindrical power: 0,50D έως -8.00D ανά 0.25D
  • Axis: 1 έως 180 (1°)
  • DK: 37
  • Packaging:
    1 φακός
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