Eyemax is the first solution with multiple functions based on the ERCS Care System.

A unique combination of care for all soft contact lenses and for your eyes, thanks to provitamin B5 and Hydraflex.

Eyemax All in One is the first all-in-one solution specially developed to combine mild but thorough lens cleaning with outstanding eye care:
- Cleaning and disinfection within 4 hours.
- Removal of subborn protein deposits.
- Pro-vitamin B5 absorbed by the lens to support corneal health.

But good lens cleaning does not only involve the daily removal of proteins and the elimination of micro-organisms. It is also important that the physical condition of the cornea, the outer layer of the eye, remains healthy. A healthy cornea is a decisive factor in whether the lenses can be worn successfully for a long period.

Eye care

Factors such as poor lens hygiene, air pollution, air conditioning or the sensitivety of the eye itself can cause the condition of the cornea to deteriorate. Lens wearers can recognize this by getting problems such as dry or irritated eyes.

Eyemax All in One has unique health properties:
- Pro-vitamin B5 nourishes and protects the cornea.
- Pro-vitamin B5 protects the self-regenerating properties of corneal cells.
- Pro vitamin B5 stabilises and protects the tearfilm.

Eye Responsive Care System; what does it mean?

- The pro-vitamin B5 is absorbed by the lens at night during the cleaning stage. •Slow release of pro-vitamin B5 during 2-4 hours on the eye, once the lens is being worn.
- The eye only absorbs what the cornea needs, so never too much or too little.
- 4-6 times more effective than using seperate rewetting or comfort drops!

Eyemax All in One makes contact lens wearing more comfortable and extends the daily wearing time. Without the need of using extra comfort drops. Independent ophthalmic studies have already indicated that pro-vitamin B5 protects and nourishes the self-regenerating properties of the cornea. Pro-vitamin B5 is a natural substance that is already present in the human body.

  • Packaging:
    360ml / 100ml
  • Suggested Price: 13€ / 6 €
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