Essence contact lenses are advanced, soft monthly replacement lenses Sodium Hyaluronate.

This innovative technology offers the construction of a lens that provides exceptional comfort, protection and hydration throughout the day!

  • Material: Bioxifilcon B
  • Water Content: 55
  • Geometry: Αspheric
  • Diameter: 14,20 mm
  • Base Curve: 8,60 mm
  • Power: +10.00D έως -15.00D (+10.00D έως +06.00D ανά 0.50D) (+06.00D έως -06.00D ανά 0.25D) (-06.00D έως -15.00D ανά 0.50D)
  • Packaging:
    6 φακοί επαφής μηνιαίας αντικατάστασης υαλουρονικού νατρίου
  • Suggested Price: 30 €
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