ADORE Crystal colored contact lenses are cosmetic soft contact lenses that give you a rocking look!

These lenses will modify eye's natural color giving you a new light!

Adore contact lenses are three months replacement and they available with or without powers. (from -10,00 to 00 and from +0,50 to +10,00)1 box contains 2 lenses with same corrective powers.

1 box contains 2 lenses with same corrective powers and Adore personalized lenscase!

* The effect of the lenses in the pictures is indicative and it can vary according to the natural eye color.

  • Material: HEMA + MMA
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Geometry: NCis (Natural Color Integration System)
  • Diameter: 14,0
  • Base Curve: 8.6 mm
  • Power: 0.00 Dt έως -10.00Dt και +0,50 έως +10,00
  • DK: 13.05 x 10
  • Packaging:
    2 φακοί τριμηνιαίας αντικατάστασης
  • Suggested Price: 60 €
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