Moisturizing eye drops with Pro-vitamin B5 and Ηydraflex

Eyeye Hydraclair with provitamin B5 have protective, nutritional and care properties. Provitamin B5 - a natural substance present in the human body - strengthens the cornea and supports its self-regenerating properties, while also having a positive effect on its overall condition. It is the main ingredient of the Eye Responsive Care System™, which allows Eyeye Hydraclair to protect the eye from dryness, irritation and fatigue. The system only provideds the eyes with such an amount of provitamin B5 as they need. Moreover, the substances contained in Eyeye Hydraclair adhere to the cornea in order to stabilize the tear film. This provides an extra level of eye protection.

Preservative free rewetting and nourishing drops for stressed eyes
Protects the eye against dryness, irritation and tiredness
Suitable for wearers of all types of contact lenses
* Disposable in sterile bottle or preservative free ampoules.

  • Suggested Price: 15ml: 10€ - Μonodose:13 €
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